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Benefits of Renting a Photo Studio

Updated: May 18, 2022

Being a photographer can be difficult, especially if you have a desire to shoot photos in a studio space. Not everyone has the ability to own or rent their own studio permanently, which can make it tough if you’re a freelancer. If you’re trying to find the perfect studio, we’ve got you covered here at Bright Screen Studio here in Atlanta!

What Does Bright Screen Studio Offer?

We offer the luxury of you renting out your own photo studio for freelance jobs of many different sizes. Everything you needs is at our studio from the green room to the set-up studio and backdrop. We also have a full kitchen and bathroom for extended-day shoots. We understand it can be difficult to find studio space for large shoots, which is why we want to help.

The Benefits of Bright Screen Studio Rentals:

· Full-equipped photo studio

· Creative space for any type of production shoot

· Full kitchen, full bathroom w/showers, changing rooms.

· Private studio space no shared with others

· Green screen and makeup rooms

· And much more!

Why Choose to Rent Space at a Photo Studio?

If you own a creative production company, you probably understand how much work goes into a specific shoot for a client. The office space you rent out permanently may not be big enough or have enough tools depending on the type of photoshoot. When renting out a photo studio like Bright Screen Studio in Atlanta, you have the opportunity to use a full studio for a certain amount of time at your choosing.

Sometimes, renting a fully equipped space for your employees and clients is better than cramming everyone into your office. If you don’t own your own space for office and work remote, this is the perfect place to get your shoots done. If you’re looking for a photo studio to rent out for professional production shoots, contact Bright Screen Studio at 404-862-2766 today or visit us online for more information!

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