A Look Inside Our Video & Photography Studio

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Bright Screen Studio, Place for Photo and Video Productions

Bright Screen Studio, located in West Midtown Atlanta, is a facility that caters to anyone who wants to shoot high-quality photos for any professional or personal endeavor. Our video and photo equipment rentals has helped many talented individuals who like to work within visual mediums. We have created the ideal workspace if this description applies to you.


People naturally respond to photos and videos. That is because humans are a visually-oriented species. Appealing to the human sense of sight is a time-tested tradition that has been utilized to market products and services for centuries.


What Else Does Bright Screen Studio Provide?

We’re also airport-adjacent if you’re bringing in some out-of-town talent. Enjoy our comfortable green room between takes. Our hair, makeup, and wardrobe facilities will make your whole group feel like VIPs. There is an onsite kitchen, parking nearby, and full bathrooms with shower capabilities. Free Wi-Fi and high-speed internet complete the experience.


Contact us to discuss your next major production.  

That is why we’ve set up a haven in the greater Atlanta area for anyone ready to shoot some photos or videos to:


  • Advertise a service or product

  • Impress an investor

  • Introduce a new artist of the stage or screen

  • Generate some excitement for an upcoming production

  • Commemorate a special occasion, like a holiday, wedding, anniversary, or graduation